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A Guide On Funded Kindergarten Programs

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Funded kindergartens programs are those that receive funding from the state government. They are an ideal option for parents that cannot afford kindergarten for their kids. Below is an extensive excerpt on funded kindergarten programs and the considerations to make when enrolling your child in a funded kindergarten.  How Do Funded Kindergarten Programs Work?  Funded kindergarten programs allow children from disadvantaged backgrounds to access kindergarten. More often than not, funding is extended to long day care and sessional kindergartens. Read More»

3 Academic Principles Taught At Kindergarten

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When your child starts kindergarten, their daily routine and how they spend their time will change significantly. They will be exposed to lots of new concepts, and it understandably can take children a little time to get to grips with their new environment and get to know their teacher and classmates. By being aware of what your child will be learning at kindergarten, you can offer them support, and this can help them feel settled and secure. Read More»

Top Tips When Choosing an Early Learning Centre

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Taking your child to an early learning centre is the best way to prepare him or her for formal learning. At the centre, your child will learn how to be independent since he or she is no longer in your care. Besides, the staff at the institution will help your child grow his or her communication, creativity, problem-solving and analytical skills. So, what considerations should you make when choosing an early learning centre? Read More»

Which Tutoring Services Should You Hire For Your Child?

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When a majority of people think about tutoring services, they make an automatic assumption that these services are only crucial for scholars that are failing in their studies. And while this may the most common reason why your child may require professional tutoring, these services are much more versatile than merely bringing your child up to date with their schoolwork. In fact, tutoring services are great for all kids, whether they are failing or succeeding in school. Read More»

Encouraging Your Child to Love Books Before Starting Preschool

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It’s no secret that there are plenty of benefits to a child developing a love of books at an early age. Books stimulate the imagination, keep kids entertained and help them to learn information and social skills. One of the most important things to remember, however, is that learning to enjoy reading before starting preschool gives children a huge advantage. Some children just don’t seem that interested in books, however, and it can be difficult for parents to know what to do. Read More»

How to Ease the Transition to Daycare for Your Child

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Even the most playful and social child will have a hard time adapting to a daycare facility with new children and a foreign environment. Hasting the transition from staying at home to spending the day in a daycare centre with other kids may not settle well with your kid. They may be uneasy, anxious, or antisocial due to the fear of being in an unknown environment. That’s why you need to have a strategy on how to make your kid get used to the changes that come with daycare centres. Read More»